0.2-2.0x1600mm Automatic Cut To Length Line For GI Steel Coil

Used to flatten and cut galvanized steel coils into steel sheets with desired length. Most important components of a coil cut-to-length equipment are the flattening unit and cutting unit. Flattening unit ensures the good flatness of the output sheets, and cutting unit ensures the exact cutting accuracy.

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0.2-2.0x1600mm Automatic Cut To Length Line For GI Steel Coil

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Cut-to-length Line Layout 2.jpg

Coil loading--->Decoiling--->

1st leveling--->looping pit--->guiding--->2nd leveling--->cutting--->conveying--->stacking 

Advantages of cut-to-length line:

   High degree of automation and high production efficiency

   Perfect flateness of final sheet via 2 steps of leveling (1st 19-roller leveling + 2nd 9-roller leveling)

   High precision of cutting-to-length and low burr cutting

   Individual stacking system ensures high stacking accuracy

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Cut to length line 2.jpg

Leveling Unit

0.2-2.0x1600mm cut-to-length line 9.1.jpg

Auto Stacker

The Most Essential Parameters

Information Of Coils
1. Applicable Material: galvanized coils, cold rolled steel coils, stainless steel coils, etc

2. Material Strength: δs≤350MPa      δb≤600MPa
3. Material Thickness: 0.2-2.0mm
4. Material Width: max. 1600mm
5. Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm
6. Coil Outer Diameter: max. 1800mm

7. Coil Weight: 25T

Technical Parameters
1. Whole Line Speed: 0-60m/min
2. Cut-to-length Range: 500-4000mm
3. Cutting Speed: 15 pcs / min (when cutting length is 2000mm)
4. Cutting Accuracy: ±0.5mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
5. Cutting Angularity: ±0.5mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
6. Flatening Accuracy: ±1mm/m^2
7. Total Power: 80kw
8. Total Weight: approx. 50Ton 
9. Space Required: 20m x 8m x 3m (L x W x H)

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