0.5-3.0mm Full Automatic Hydraulic Cut To Length Line

This cut-to-length line is used for processing 0.5-3.0mm thick galvanized steel coils, ppgi coils. Main components of the whole line are double uncoiler, 17-roll leveller, loop pit, 9-roll leveller, hydraulic cutting device, sheet convey table and automatic stacking system, etc.

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0.5-3.0mm Full Automatic Hydraulic Cut To Length Line

Light Gauge CTL LineThickness (mm)Width (mm)Weight (Ton)Line Speed (m/min)
BELI-CTL2*16000.2-2500-160015, 20, 250-60
BELI-CTL3*18000.5-3500-180015, 20, 250-60
BELI-CTL4*20001-4500-200020, 25, 300-40
BELI-CTL6*22001.5-6500-200020, 25, 300-40

According to coil material, we devide cut-to-length lines into cold rolled steel coil CTL line, hot rolled steek coil CTL line, stainless steel CTL line, aluminium coil CTL line, etc. According to material thickness, we devide cut-to-length lines into light gauge steel CTL line, medium gauge steel CTL line and heavy gauge CTL line.

This light gauge steel coil processing line is to cut 0.5-3.0mm thick galvanized steel coils, and ppgi coils into lengths range from 500mm to 4000mm. Main work process of this line: coil loading, winding, infeeding and 1st leveling/17-roll leveling, looping, 2nd leveling/9-roll leveling, cutting-to-length and stacking.

Double Uncoiler

17-Roll Leveller

9-Roll Leveller


Convey Table

Automatic Stacker

Applicable Material Information

1.Coil Material
Cold rolled steel coils, stainless steel coils, galvanized steel coils
2.Material Strengthδs≤350MPa δb≤600MPa
3.Coil Thickness0.5-3.0mm
4.Coil WidthMax. 1600mm
5.Coil Inner DiameterФ508mm, Ф610mm, Ф760mm
6.Coil Outer DiameterMax. 1800mm
7.Coil Weight
10Ton, 15Ton, 20Ton, 25Ton

Main Technical Parameters

1.Line Speed0-60m/min
2.Cut-to-length Range500-4000mm
3.Throughput15 pcs/min (when cutting length is 2000mm)
4.Cutting Length Accuracy±0.5mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
5.Diagonal Line Accuracy
±0.5mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
6.Leveling/Flattening Accuracy±1mm/m2
7.Power For Whole LineApprox. 80kw
8.Weight Of Whole LineApprox. 50Ton
9.Floor Space RequiredApprox. 20m x 8m x 3m (L x W x H)

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