Steel Coils Decoiler For The Cut To Length Line

Believe Industry Company supply 2 types of uncoilers for securely holding and unwinding the steel coils: single mandrel uncoiler and twin cone uncoiler. Single mandrel uncoiler is used for holding coil weight is less than 10000kg while twin cone uncoiler is used for coil weight is more than 10000kg.

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Steel Coils Decoiler For The Cut To Length Line

Single Mandrel UncoilerTwin Cone Uncoiler


Holding the coils and unwinding the coils
Light Gauge Slitting LineMiddle Gauge/Heave Gauge Slitting Line
Light Gauge Cut To Length LineMiddle Gauge/Heavy Gauge CTL Line
TypeMandrel expand to hold the coilsTwin uncoiler cone expand to hold coil
Capacity5Ton; 10Ton; 15Ton15Ton; 20Ton; 25Ton
Coil I.D508mm; 610mm508mm; 610mm; 760mm

Features Of The Uncoilers

1. Suitable for all kinds of winding unwinding or coiling materials, whether thin or thick, metal or non-metal sheet.

2. Equipped with coil loading car for easy carring the coils onto the uncoiler.

3. Base of the uncoilers are moveable to facilitate the the adjustment of the coil center with the rest of the line.

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