High Speed Steel Cut To Length Line Machine

This high speed steel coil cut-to-length line is designed for processing 0.3-2.0mm thick galvanized steel coils, stainless steel coils and cold rolled steel coils. Speed of the whole line can reach up to 60m/min. Main components of the whole line are coil car, single arm decoiler, 19-roller leveller, convey table, material guiding device, 9-roller leveller, cutting device and stacking system, etc.

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High Speed Steel Cut To Length Line Machine

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Features Of High Speed CTL Line 

1. The line is suitable for 0.3-2.0mm galvanized steel coil, stainless steel coil with high output.

2. This line has high cutting accuracy with an encoder for sheet length measurement.

3. Material width ranges from 500mm to 1600 mm coil width with max 25000kg coil weight.

4. The fully automatic production line requires only 2 operators.

Main Components Of The Line
High Speed Cut-to-length Line 1.1.jpg

Whole Line

High Speed Cut-to-length Line 2.1.jpg

19-Roller Leveller

High Speed Cut-to-length Line 3.1.jpg

Loop Pit Bridge

High Speed Cut-to-length Line 4.1.jpg

9-Roller Leveller

Convey Table.jpg

Convey Table

Automatic Stacking Unit.jpg

Stacking Unit

Whole Line Components Details

>   Coil Loading Car -- with "V" shape platform, electrically moving and hydraulically lifting up and down

>   Hydraulic Single-arm Decoiler With Support Arm -- holding and winding max 25Ton steel coils

>   1st Leveling Unit -- 19-roller leveller (8 upper 9 lower), automatic adjust the gap between upper and lower rollers

>   Loop Pit Bridge Table -- loop pit for stocking material, bridge table pivot up as a smooth path for material easily entering, bridge table pivot down when whole line runs

>   Guiding Device -- 2 pairs of stand rollers guide the material, manual adjust range 500mm to 1600mm

>   2nd Precision Levelling Unit -- 9-roller levellerfor perfect flatness of the sheet

>   Hydraulic Cutting Device -- cut the sheet into required length 

>   Product Conveying Table -- convey the sheet to stacking unit

>   Auto Stacker -- with 4 sides of panels pushing the sheets in great order 

>   Unloading Car -- 2 cars work in turns to carry the stacked sheets out for next packing

>   Hydraulic System

>   Pneumatic System

>   Electric Control System

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