0.2-0.8mm X 1250mm Steel Coil Slitting Line

Used to slit light gauge steel coils into desired strip width and then recoil the strips for further usage. Main materials are 0.2mm to 0.8mm thick cold rolled steel coils, galvanized coils, ppgi coils and stainless steel coils.

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0.2-0.8mm x 1250mm Steel Coil Slitting Line

  Whole Machine Line Picture And Layout  

0.2-0.8mm x 1250 Steel Coil Slitting Line 1.1.jpg

Slitting Line Layout.jpg

>   Work Direction: left--->right

>   Work Process: coil loading--->decoiling--->leveling--->coil entry crop shear--->loop pit bridge table 1(material stocking)--->guiding--->slitting--->wastage winding--->loop pit bridge table 2(material stocking)--->tension and pre-separation--->recoiling--->finished strip coils 

  Material Information  

1. Applicable Material: carbon steel coils, galvanized coils, PPGI coils, stainless steel coils, etc

2. Material Thickness: 0.2-0.8mm

3. Material Width: 500-1250mm

4. Coil Inner Diameter: 508-610mm

5. Coil Outer Diameter: Max. 2000mm

6. Coil Weight: 10Tons(10000kg)

  Whole Line Components  

1.Coil Loading Car1 unit
2.Single Arm Decoiler + Coil Entry Leading Device1 unit
3.Coil Entry Feeding + Coil Entry Cutting Device1 unit
4.Loop Pit Bridge Table 11 unit
5.Material Guiding Device1 unit
6.Slitting Unit1 unit
7.Wastage Wingding Device1 unit
8.Loop Pit Bridge Table 21 unit
9.Pre-separation + Tension Device1 unit
10.Recoiler1 unit
11.Unloading Car1 unit
12.Hydraulic System
1 unit
13.Electric Control System1 unit

  Pictures Of Main Parts  

Coil Loading Car + Decoiler + Coil Entry Leading Roll 2.jpg

Coil Car + Single Arm Decoiler

Cutting Device 2.jpg

Material Cutting Device

Material Guiding Device 2.jpg

Guiding Device(Material Deviation Adjust)

Sliiting Unit 2.jpg

Slitting Machine

Wastage Winding Device 2.jpg

Wastage Winding Unit

Pre-separation And Tension Unit 2.jpg

Pre-separation + Tension Unit

Strip Material Separation 2.jpg

Strip Material Separation Device

Recoiling 2.jpg


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