0.3-3.0mm X 1250mm Slitting Line

Used to process coils with the thickness from 0.3 to 3.0mm. Whole line speed can reach up to 120m/min. Our machine enjoys the advantages of high quality, high speed, and high precision.

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Product Details

 Coil Processing Line : 0.3-3.0mm x 1250mm Steel Coil Slitting Machine 

0.3-3.0mm x 1250mm Slitting Line 1.3.jpg

 Whole Line Components 

>   15 Ton Hydraulic Decoiler(Opposite Centering Type )

>   Cutting Device

>   Loop Pit Bridge Table 1

>   Slitting Machine

>   Scrap Material (Wastage) Widing Device

>   Loop Pit Bridge Table 2

>   Tension Device

>   Recoiler

 Layout Of Whole Line 

layout of slitting line machine 1.1.png

Decoiling--->Pinch Feeding--->Cutting--->Loop Pit--->Guiding--->Slitting--->Wastage Winding--->Loop Pit--->Tension--->Recoiling

 Main Technical Specifications 

Material Information

1. Coil Material: cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, carbon steel coils, ppgi coils
2. Coil Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm
3. Coil Width: 300-1250mm
4. Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm, 610mm, 760mm
5. Max Coil Outer Diameter: 1800mm
6. Max Coil Weight: 15000kg

Technical Parameters

1. Slitting Shaft Diameter Specification: φ230 x 1400mm
2. Shaft Material: 40Cr; forging and tempering, mid-frequency quenching, hard chrome plated
3. Slitting Blade Specification: D320 x d200 x T15mm
4. Slitting Blade Material: 6CrW2Si, quenching hardness HRC58-60°
5. Slitting Power: 75KW
6. Whole Line Speed: 0-120m/min
7. Slitting Quantity: 0.3mm/25 pieces; 3.5mm/5 pieces
8. Recoiling Power: 90KW
9. Recoiling Shaft Specification: φ230 x 1400mm

For detailed machine parameters, please show us information as below:

*   Material of the coil you use?
*   Coil thickness, width, and max coil weight?
*   Min strip width you want to slit?

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