4x2000mm High Precision Steel Coil Slitting Line

This steel coil slitting line is used for slitting 0.5mm to 4.0mm thick galvanized coils, ppgi coils, etc. Whole line speed can reach up to 80m/min and width tolerance is within 0.05mm each 2000mm. Max slitting numbers is 20 strips and min slitting numbers is 5 strips.

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Product Details

Applicable Material Specifications

1. Coil Material: cold rolled steel coils, galvanized coils, etc
2. Coils Thickness: 0.5-4mm
3. Coil Width: 600-2000mm
4. Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm, 610mm
5. Max Coil Outter Diameter: 1800mm
6. Max Coil Weight: 25000kg

Whole Line Working Process And Layout

Work Direction: Left-----Right

Working Process: coil loading---decoiling---pinch feeding---cutting---loop pit (material stocking)---guiding---slitting---waste strips winding---loop pit---pre-separating and tensioning---recoiling---unloading and packing

Main Parts And Function

No.ItemFunction Of Each Parts
1.Coil Loading CarEasily loading the coils on decoiler
2.Single Arm DecoilerSupport the coils
3.Pinch Roll Feeding DeviceEasily feeding the material into the processing line
4.Cutting DeviceCut the unflatten coil entry; cut large coils into small one
5.Loop PitStocking material for slitting
6.Material GuidingAvoid material deviation
7.Slitting MachineSlitting the material into desired width
8.Scrap Strips WindingWind the waste coils strips
9.Loop PitStocking strips for recoiling
10.Pre-separation And Tension StandOffer tension for strips, ensure high quality recoiling
Recoiling the slitted strips into coils
12.Unloading CarCarrying the coils out from recoiler
13.Electric Control System
Offer electric power for whole line
14.Hydraulic SystemOffer hydraulic power for coil processing line

For detailed parameters please show us information as below:

What the material of the coils you want to process?

Thicknes s of the material you use want to process?

Max width of the material width you want to process?

Minimum width of the material you want to process?

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