Automatic High Speed Steel Strip Slitting Line

This high speed slitting line can be used to slit 0.2mm to 0.8mm thick galvanized coils, PPGI coils, stainless steel coils, etc. Work Process of the whole line: coil loading--decoiling--leveling--coil entry crop shear--loop pit bridge table 1(material stocking)--guiding--slitting--wastage winding--loop pit bridge table 2(material stocking)--tension--recoiling.

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Automatic High Speed Steel Strip Slitting Line

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Steel Coils Information

1. Applicable Material: carbon steel coils, galvanized coils, PPGI coils, stainless steel coils, etc

2. Material Thickness: 0.2-0.8mm

3. Material Width: 500-1250mm

4. Coil Inner Diameter: 508-610mm

5. Coil Outer Diameter: Max. 2000mm

6. Coil Weight: 10Tons(10000kg)

Main Slitting Technical Parameters

1. Slitting Shaft Specification: φ180x1300mm
2. Slitting Shaft Material: 40Cr forging and tempering; mid-frequency quenching HRC48-50
3. Slitting Blades Specification: D320xd180xT10mm
4. Slitting Blades Material: SKD-11, quenching hardness: HRC60-62
5. Slitting Power: 45kw
6. Slitting Speed: 0-120m/min

Work Process

Coil loading--->Decoiling--->Leveling--->Coil Entry Cutting--->Loop Pit Bridge Table 1(material stocking)--->Guiding--->Slitting--->Wastage Winding--->Loop Pit Bridge Table 2(material stocking)--->Tension & Pre-separation--->Recoiling--->Finished Strip Coils Unloading

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1. Each production line is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with customer requirements. Not only that, but our engineers also carefully consider the customer's shoes, ensuring that the entire metal coil cutter is compact, smooth, robust and easy to operate.

2. The medium-thick coil has one or two hole accumulators on the longitudinal tangent line, depending on factors such as minimum thickness, cutting speed and the like. A pit accumulator is always located after the slitter and before the tensioner.

3, according to the function and robustness requirements of each steel slitting unit, using appropriate structure, using appropriate materials to make each steel coil cutting unit.

4. Our steel slitting machine uses high quality materials and precise size disc knives, gaskets and rubber rings on the slitting shaft to ensure small burrs, small camber, tool non-stick and precise slit width.

5. The edge scraper of our steel slitting machine uses a torque motor to ensure uniform and synchronized wind edges.

6. To quickly replace the disc cutter, you can choose the double steel slitter. When a steel slitter is working, the worker can install the tool on another slitter and then continue to work by simply changing the position of the two coils.

7. A double press roller is installed on each device behind each hole memory to prevent the strip head from falling into the hole and feeding the lead through the steel wire slitting line.

8. The coil is separated and the bracket is mounted on the coiler, hydraulically driven, pressing the rebound block and automatically moving upwards as the kickback diameter becomes larger.

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