1-6mm Metal Steel Coil Slitting Line

Not like light gauge steel slitting machine, medium gauge and heavy gauge coil slitting line has 2 leveling units. One lays before slitting machine, and another one lays before final recoiling to ensure the high quality of slitting and recoiling and perfect flatness of the strip material.

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1-6mm Metal Steel Coil Slitting Line

Believe Industry Company supply light gauge steel coils slitting line, medium gauge coil slitting line and heavy gauge slitting line. 1-6mm semi-automatic metal steel coil slitting line belong to the group of medium gauge slitting line.

1-6mm thick materials undergoes 2 steps of leveling/flatening to ensure the perfect flatness of the final strip coils. One leveling unit is laid before guiding and slitting, another leveling unit laid before recoiling.

Technical Specification

Material Information

1. Coil Material: cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, stainless steel coils, etc
2. Coil Thickness: 1.0-6.0mm
3. Coil Width: 650-1600mm
4. Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm, 610mm, 760mm
5. Max Coil Outer Diameter: 2000mm
6. Max Coil Weight: 32000kg

Work Process Of Whole Line

Coil loading---single mandrel uncoiler unwinding---coil entry leading, pressing, holding---

pinch roll feeding + 5-roller leveling---material conveying---guiding---slitting---waste scrap winding---

accumulator---pre-dividing + 5-roller leveling and tensioning---pressing and recoiling---unloading

Technical Parameters

Pinch Roll Feeding + 5-Roll Leveling Device

1. Specification Of Pinch Roll & Leveling Roll: φ200x1700mm

2. Material Of Pinch Roll & Leveling Roll: 40Cr, HRC55-56, surface with hard chrome plated
3. Pressing Power For Pinch Roll: driven by hydraulic cylinder φ125x100mm
4. Pressing Power For Leveling Roll: worm and gear x 2; 2.2kw motor x 2
5. Power For Feeding & Leveling: AC 15kw motor with reducer and universal joints

Slitting Machine

1. Slitting Quantity: 1-2mm/15 strips; 3-4mm/10 strips; 5-6mm/6strips

2. Slitting Shaft Specification: φ260 x 1750mm
3. Shaft Material: 40Cr; heat treatment HRC48-50
4. Slitting Blade Specification: D380 x d260 x T15mm
5. Slitting Blade Material: H13, HRC58-60°
6. Slitting Power: DC 160kw with reducer and distribution box
7. Whole Line Speed: 0-60m/min
8. Control System: Eurotherm 590 controller
9. Up Slitting Blade Pressing Power: 2.2kw motor with worm and gear

Pre-dividing + 5-Roll Leveling Device
1. Pre-dividing Shaft Specification: φ95x1750mm
2. Leveling Roller Specification: φ200x1750mm
3. Leveling Roller Material: 40Cr, HRC52-55
4. Up Leveling Roller Pressing Power: driven by hydraulic cylinder φ100x100mm

Single Mandrel Recoiler + Support Arm

1. Specification Of Mandrel: φ610x1750mm
2. Specification Of Over-arm Pressing Shaft: φ95x1750mm
3. Specification Of Over-arm Dividing Discs: 65Mn, φ250xφ95x5mm
4. Hydraulic Cylinder For Support Arm: φ80x350mm
5. Hydraulic Cylinder For Pushing Arm: φ100x1750mm
6. Recoiling Speed: 0-60m/min
7. Recoiling Power: DC 200kw
8. Control System: Euro therm 590 controller
9. Max Loading Capacity: 32000kg

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