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High frequency welding machine equipment maintenance
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. Blow off with compressed air or a fan every week. The circuit board is brushed, blown, etc. with a brush.

2. Use a special scale remover to clean the machine waterway every 3-6 months. When the machine frequently water temperature alarm, observe that the water flow at the outlet is obviously reduced, and immediately clean it. The scale remover is selected as the ordinary automobile water tank scale remover, press 1/ After 40 dilution, pump directly into the equipment water circuit for cleaning.

3. Strictly implement the principle of first-pass water after power-on, during which the lack of water is strictly prohibited. The cooling water quality and pressure inside the equipment and sensors must meet the requirements. To avoid obstruction of cooling pipes, if water is supplied by a pump, install a filter at the inlet of the pump. The temperature of the cooling water cannot be higher than 47°C and the water flow rate is 10T/h (softened water is recommended. If the load rate is 100%, the cooling water The water temperature must be lower than 40°C. Use water circulation and demineralized water. The temperature is below 0°C. When the equipment is not in use, discharge the circulating water in the equipment to prevent the pipeline from being cracked.

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