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High-frequency welding machine performance characteristics
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. Using IGBT solid state inverter technology, high efficiency and energy saving, and high output power.

2, digital phase lock technology, to achieve automatic frequency tracking.

3, can be manually operated, but also semi-automatic and fully automatic operation;

4, modular design, easy installation, easy operation, no need to debug.

5, perfect protection function, high reliability, easy maintenance.

6, easy to install in the production line, easy to implement mechanization and automation, easy management, can effectively reduce the transport, save manpower, increase production efficiency.

7, 100% of the negative rate of design, can work 24 hours in a row.

8, can replace other heating methods (such as gas, coking coal, oil furnace, electric furnace, electronic tube high frequency, etc.), energy saving and environmental protection.

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