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High-frequency welding machine safety issues
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The room should be well-ventilated, kept clean, tidy, and dry. The device must have two persons above the bootable operation and specify the person in charge of the operation. The operator should be familiar with and observe the welding equipment operating procedures and wear the prescribed protective equipment. The workpiece should be deburred, scrap iron and grease, otherwise it is easy to produce arcing, and it is also necessary to prevent the workpiece from touching the inductor and arcing during operation. The use of high-frequency welding machines should pay attention to the safe operation of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmissions. The equipment needs to be repaired by a special person. Discharge the capacitor, etc. with a discharge rod before repair. It is forbidden to repair with power.

High-frequency welding machines use industrial electric frequency, low voltage, and high current to heat quench or normalize large workpieces. Use safety rules when using it. Paul.

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