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Mechanical press points according to application characteristics
- Apr 19, 2018 -

There are double acting deep drawing presses, multi-station automatic presses, rotary head presses, hot die forging presses and cold extrusion presses.

1 Double-acting drawing press: It has two sliders inside and outside for deep drawing of cup-shaped parts. Before deep drawing, the outer slider first presses the outer edge of the sheet material, and then the inner slider drives the punch to deepen the cup body so as to prevent the outer edge of the slab from wrinkling. When the drawing is completed, the inner slider returns first and the outer slider releases. The ratio of the nominal working force of the inner and outer sliders is (1.7 to 1):1.

2 Multi-station automatic press: There are multiple stations on a press, which can be used to form multi-channel forming dies. The blanks are automatically moved to the next station one by one. In one stroke of the press, each station simultaneously performs various forming processes to form a workpiece.

3 Rotary head press: There is a rotary head that can be used to install dozens of sets of molds between the slider and the table. The mold can be selected as required. The blank is placed on the mold and no longer moves. After each stroke is completed, the turret rotates one position and completes a process. The positioning accuracy of this press is high, and it is easy to adjust the product. It is used by multiple machines and is used for punching the instrument bottom plate and panels. The rotary head press can be equipped with a numerical control system. According to the programmed instructions, the mold and plate forming sites are selected to automatically complete the complex stamping work.

4 Hot die forging presses: Used for the production of die forgings. The fuselage has a large rigidity, a long guide surface, and a strong ability to withstand partial load. In the past, crankshaft linkages were used in many cases. In order to increase rigidity, double sliders and wedges have been used. The dual-slider structure is relatively simple and light-weight; the wedge-shaped structure has a large bearing area, but the transmission efficiency is low. When the die is swaged, the slider is easily seized near the bottom dead center (commonly known as a boring car), so a release device is provided. There are upper and lower ejection devices in the machine, which can realize multi-mode forging. The forgings have high precision and are suitable for mass production. The maximum size is 160 meganewtons.

5 cold extrusion machine: used for cold and warm state extrusion of metal parts, such as bullet shells, toothpaste tubes. Cold extrusion machine is generally vertical type, characterized by good rigidity, high guide precision, high working pressure, small working table and long working stroke.

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