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Mechanical presses classified by fuselage structure
- Apr 19, 2018 -

There are two types of open and closed.

1 Open press: also known as punch press, the most widely used. Open presses are mostly vertical (Figure 3). The fuselage is C-shaped. The front, left, and right sides are open. The structure is simple, easy to operate, and the body can be tilted at an angle so that the punched workpiece slides into the hopper and is easy to automate. However, the rigidity of the open-type body is poor, which affects the precision of the parts and the life of the mold. It is only applicable to small and medium-sized presses ranging from 40 to 4000 kN.

2 Closed presses: The fuselage is frame-shaped (Fig. 4). The front and rear of the fuselage are open. The rigidity is good and the precision is high. The size of the working table is large and it is suitable for pressing large parts. The nominal work force is mostly 1600 to 60000 kilo. . Heavy-duty presses such as cold extrusion, hot die forging and double action deep drawing all use closed bodies.

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