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Roller forming machine main features
- Apr 19, 2018 -

According to the actual application results of the roller press in the cement industry, people summarized the following main features:

(1) Increased production: Roller presses are installed in the grinding system. The high pressure load is transmitted to the grinded material layer through the double roller diameter. Most of the energy is used for the mutual extrusion of the materials. Sound energy and heat energy are converted into deformation energy of the material to deform, tear, and smash. The potential capacity of the grinding equipment can be fully utilized. The output can be increased by 50-100%, and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30. %, improve the overall system production efficiency.

(2) Reduce power consumption: grind materials with a roller press. The rolled material not only has a greatly reduced particle size, but also has a significantly lower Bond work index, which greatly improves the grinding conditions of the subsequent mill and significantly reduces the unit power consumption of the entire grinding system. The total power consumption of the grinding system can be significantly reduced. Save 25-50% energy compared with traditional grinding methods, and the energy saving benefit is considerable every year.

(3) Save investment: Compared with the tube mill, the roller press has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, occupying a small workshop space, saving construction investment, and is also convenient for the original. The grinding system was modified. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the roller press are also very simple.

(4) The working environment is good: the material is squeezed and crushed continuously and continuously in the squeeze roller cover, and the harmful dust is not easy to spread. At the same time, since almost no impact occurs, the noise of the roller press is much smaller than that of the tube mill.

(5) Easy to develop: Traditional tube mills are limited by the conditions of processing, transportation, and heat treatment, and the large-scale tube mills are greatly constrained. The roller press grinding system is a good solution to this problem. The development of the grinding system has become a reality.

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