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Export To Canada: Costom Top Hat Section And Omega Section Roll Forming Machine
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Top Hat Section Machine 1.2.jpg

Omega Section Roll Forming Machine 1.2.jpg

Roll Forming Machine combines cutting, punching and roll forming together is becoming an important institution of conventioanl shearing machine and bending machine. Due to its high productive and fully automatic production mode, more and more clients tend to roll forming machine for solution.

This Canadain client is engaged in automobile industry. Conventionally, they use shearing machine, bending machine and power press to produce top hat sections and omega sections. However, the productivity is very low. In order to increasing the productivity, they tend to roll forming machine. After visiting our factory, they order 2 fully automatic roll forming lines from us. 

Canada client has strict quality control on the final product. They sent us all the materials they would use to produce for testing. After testing all the materials, we pack the final products and material left in wooden boxes. These were shipped to Canada together with Top Hat Roll Forming Machine & Omega Section Roll Forming Machine.

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