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High Frequency Welding Machine
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The main uses of high-frequency welding machines are: metal heat treatment, metal quenching, metal annealing, metal tempering, metal diathermy, metal brazing, silver welding, brazing, metal heating, metal smelting, and metal implanted plastics.

High-frequency welding machine is the best alternative to heating methods, such as oil and gas heating, oxygen acetylene heating, liquefied gas heating, coal heating, electric furnace heating, electric oven heating, etc. It can greatly improve product quality, effectively save energy, improve working conditions, greatly reduce costs and increase profits.

High-frequency welding machines are different from other welding machines in that their functions and uses are not just a single welding. High-frequency welding machine can not only be used for welding of various metal materials, but also can be used for diathermy, smelting, heat treatment and other processes. Welding is just one of its many uses.

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