W Profile Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Guardrails are used as the safety barrier for roads and highways. This guardrail roll forming machine is used for producing w profile steel guardrail panels.

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W Profile Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Guardrails play an important role in our daily life as the safety barrier for roads and highways. Common used guardrails are 2 wave corrugated guardrail panels, also known as W beam highway guardrail due to its profile similar to the English letter "W".

Machine Structure: H beam steel welded structure as machine bed, cast iron roller stands

Drive: Gear box drive

Roller Material: GCr15 bearing steel

1. 5Ton Decoiler1 unit

2. Main Roll Forming Machine

a. Feeding Guide

1 unit

b. 7-Roller Leveling Device
c. Punching Device
d. Roll Forming Stations
e. Hydraulic Cutting Device
3. Product Output Support Tables2 units
4. PLC Control System1 unit
5. Hydraulic System1 unit

Main Parameters:

1. Roll forming speed: 10-15m/min (not including punching and cutting)

2. Roll forming stations: 18 stations

3. Main power: 22KW

4. Hydraulic power: 11KW

5. Material of rollers: GCr15 bearing steel or Cr12Mov mold steel

6. Material of shafts: high quality 45# steel, chrome plated with 0.05mm thickness

7. Diameter of shafts: 80mm

8. Material of cutting mold: Cr12Mov

Improved Design Of Punching Device:

1. Old Design

-- Usually 2 sets or 3 sets of punching molds

-- Lengthen the whole machine length

2. Improved Design

-- New improved punching design

-- Save cost for our customers

-- Shorten the length of whole machine, save floor area

-- Machine looks more smart than old ones



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