Thrie Beam Highway Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Used for producing steel highway crash barrier panels with 3 waves which is stronger than w profile(2 wave) guardrail panels. According to clients' requirement of high productivity, this machine adopts the design of separated leveling device, separated punching unit and servo flying cutoff. Whole line speed can reach up to 10m/min.

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Product Details

Brief Description

Thrie beam highway crash barrier roll forming machine is used for producing steel highway guardrail panels with 3 waves. In order to meet our client's requirement of high productivity, leveling unit and punching unit are as two separated parts equipped for this roll forming line. Servo flying cutting device is applied for this line to ensure whole line speed of 10m/min.

Machine Is Strong

1. H beam steel welded structure as machine base; cast iron roller stands

2. Rollers, shafts, cutting blades all go through heat treatment

Stable And Long Life

Gear box drive is more stable and enjoys long life

Rust Protection

1. Whole machine is painted

2. Rollers and shafts with hard chrome plated

High Precision

1. Machine base and roller stands processing by CNC gantry milling machine

2. Strict quality control on machine assembling

3. Servo motor reduces cutting tolerance

Enhance Productivity

1. Separated design of leveling and punching unit

2. Flying cuttig device, machine will not stop when cutting

Machine Components And Layout

1.5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler1 unit
2.Leveling Device (7-roller leveling, up 3 and down 4)1 unit
3.Punching Unit ( used for punching holes depend on drawing)1 unit
4.Roll Forming Mill ( 18 forming stands; gear box drive)1 unit
5.Flying Cutoff ( servo motor tracking type, hydraulic blade cutting)1 unit
6.End Product Support Frame2 pieces
7.Electric Control System1 set
8.Hydraulic Station1 set

Decoiling---Leveling---Punching---Roll Forming---Non-stop Cutting---End Product

Main Technical Parameters

Materail Information
1. Applicable Material: cold rolled steel coils

2. Material Thickness: 2.0-3.2mm
3. Material Width: 740mm
4. Effective Width: 506mm

Machine Technical Parameters
1. Forming Stands: 17 stands
2. Forming Speed: 12-15m/min; whole line speed is about 10m/min

3. Main Power: 37KW for roll forming
4. Shaft Material: 40Cr, diameter: 110mm
5. Roller Material: GCr15 bearing steel

6. Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW
7. Servo Motor Power: 3.7KW
8. Cutting Blade Material: Cr12Mov, HRC58-62

We also have w profile guardrail roll former and w profile & thrie beam guardrail change over forming machine.

For more machine details, please contact us.

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