Quad Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Believe Industry Company Quad Gutter Roll Forming Machine can produce quad gutters with the bottom width of 115mm, 120mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm according to clients' requirement. Applicable materials are galvanized coils, aluminium coils and copper coils, etc. All our machines are CE certificated.

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Product Details

Brief Description

Guttering is an important part of roof drainage system. There are too many types of rain gutters sunch as quad gutters, half round gutters, OG gutters, fascial gutters, etc. This Quad Gutter Roll Forming Machine is designed to produce quad gutters with materail of galvanized steel coils, aluminium coils and copper coils.

Types of Gutters

There are many different types of gutters, such as K-style Gutter, Fascia Gutter, Half Round Gutter, European Gutter. Believe Industry Company have a full range of Gutter roll forming machine ( roll former) for gutters. and portable gutter machines could be hauled around on trailers to work sites and produce rain gutters on the spot. A portable gutter machine is usually set up to produce only one style of gutter and in usually only one size.

Gutter Material

1. Aluminum

2. Copper

3. Galvanized

4. Prepainted Galvanized

5. Stainless Steel

Rain Gutter Machine Details

Quad Gutter Roll Forming Machine Details.jpg

Components And Work Process


3Ton Manual Decoiler: 3Ton hydraulic decoiler is optional


Roll Forming Machine

Pre-cutting Device: manual type

Feeding Guide: manual adjust

Machine Base: H beam steel welding, CNC milling processing

Machine Side Stands: guide-pole type screwed on machine base

Chain Drive System


Cutting Device: hydraulic cutting device, stop-to-cut type


Product Support Tables: unpowered type, 2 pieces equipped for this line


Control System: Panasonic PLC control system, electric parts are all famous brands


Hydraulic Station: offer power for cutting

Quad Gutter Roll Forming Machine Layout.jpg

* Whole Line Work Direction: from left to right

* Work Process: decoiling--->feeding & guiding--->roll forming--->straightening--->cutting--->final products

Brief Technical Parameters

  1. Decoiler Capaciy: 3 Ton

  2. I.D and O.D of the coil: 500mm, 1500mm

  3. Material Thcikness: 0.4-0.6mm

  4. Roll Forming Speed: 15m/min

  5. Forming Stations: 20

  6. Forming Stands: Guide-Pole screwed on the machine base

  7. Shaft Material and Diameter: 40CR, 75mm

  8. Beaing Type: NSK 6210

  9. Roller Material: ASTM 1045, fine machining with quenching and tempering.

  10. Main Motor Power: 7.5KW

  11. Speed Control: By Frequency Inverter

  12. Voltage: 380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase

Gutter Profiles And Samples For Reference

Quad Gutter Profile And Sample.jpg

Believe Industry Company customize all kinds of metal roll forming machine for clients, if you are going to start a new roll forming line or upgrade your former ones, please show us more details:

> Profile drawing or samples of the products you're going to produce.

> Advise the coil material, thickness, and yield strength you're going to use.

We also supply half round gutter machine, flat back gutter forming machine, fascia board roll forming machine, etc.

Contact us for details.

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