C Stud Channel Roll Forming Machine

C stud channel and wall track are two important parts forming drywall framing system. This roll forming machine designed for making 50x50, 75x50 and 100x50 c studs is exported to Botswana. Motor equipped inside makes the machine looks smart and helps to save floor area.

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Product Details

 Brief Description 

This c stud channel roll forming machine can be used to produce lip channels with the dimensions of 50x50mm, 75x50mm and 100x50mm. Users need to adjust the spacers between rollers and cutting blades for producing each c channel dimension.

>   Economical machine design, one machine for 3 dimensions, save cost for clients

>   Perfect straightness of the final products

>   Chain drive part are covered with protective metal box for human and machine safety

>   Famous brand of electric parts: Panasonic PLC, Omron Encoder, Yaskawa Inverter, etc

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 Machine Work Flow And Main Components 

Drywall Stud  Roll Forming Machine.jpg

1. Work direction: from left to right

2. Work process: decoiling-->feeding and guiding-->roll forming-->straightening-->cutting-->end product

Main Machine Components
1.3Ton Manual Decoiler ( automatic decoiler is optional )1 unit
2.Feeding & Guiding Device1 unit
3.Roll Forming Unit ( chain drive system )1 unit
4.Hydraulic Cutoff ( Stop to cut, roll forming part will stop running when cutting )1 unit
5.Finished Products Output Table2 units
6.Electric Control System1 unit
7.Hydraulic Station1 unit

 Competitive Advantages: 

1. Believe Industry Company have our own machine designing team with 15+ years' experience in cold roll forming industry. 
2. We have hank saw machine, CNC lathe machine, milling machine and drilling machine, etc. Most of the processing are completed in-house under strict quality control.
3. We offer free machine training for users in our factory.
4. Our technicians have been more than 50 countries and regions for after-sale service.

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