Steel Roof Batten Roll Forming Machine

Also known as steel furring channel roll forming machine, top hat section roll forming machine. This twin row roof batten forming machine can be used to produce steel roof battens with 2 different dimensions at the same time. Motor, hydraulic station, and control system are equipped inside the machine to save floor area.

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Product Details

Brief Description

Steel roof batten roll forming machine is also named as furring channel forming machine or top hat section machine. This twin row roof batten machine can produce 2 different dimensions of roof battes at the same time. Main material is 0.8-1.0mm thick galvanized steel coils.

Can produce 2 dimensions of roof battens on 1 machine.

Motor, hydraulic station, electric control cabinet equipped inside of the machine.

These 2 roof battens can be produced at the same time when cutting length is the same.

Steel tube welded machine base, processing by CNC milling machine

Machine Work Flow And Main Components

Work Flow

1. Work Direction: Left---Right

2. Work Flow: decoiling---material guiding---roll forming---straightening---cutting---end product

Main Machine Components And Function

1.3Ton DecoilerSupport the steel coils
2.Feeding GuideAvoid material deviation
3.Roll Forming UnitRoll form material into desired profile, 2 sets of rollers
4.StraightenerEnsure the perfect straighteness of final product
5.Cutting DeviceCut the formed product into desired length
6.Final Product Support TableSupport the final product
7.PLC Control SystemProduction quantity, cutting length can be controlled via PLC control system
8.Hydraulic StationOffer power for hydraulic cutting

Main Machine Technical Parameters

a. Roll forming stations: 14 stations

b. Roll forming speed: 10-15m/min

c. Main motor: 5.5kw

d. Material of rollers: No.45 steel, heat treatment, surface with 0.05mm thick chrome plated

e. Material of shafts: 40Cr, heat treatment with 0.05mm thick chrome plated

f. Diameter of shafts: 70mm

g. Cutting power: 3kw

h. Material of cutting blade: Cr12Mov, HRC58-62

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