Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

Used to produce steel stud and track for drywall framing system. This stud and track roll forming machine has the advantages of high speed and high production, strong and stable, safe and long life.

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Stud and track roll forming machine is widely used in light steel construction industry. This machine produces steel studs and wall tracks for drywall framing system is exported to Australia.

High Machine Speed: 30-40m/min
Stable And Long Life: gear box drive, machine runs more stable at a high speed

High Productivity: servo flying cutoff + automatic stacker; whole line speed reach up to max 40m/min

High Quality: equipped with water lubricating system, avoid the abrasive wear of material surface

Safety: protective cover ensure the safety of both human and machine.

Machine Components And Layout of Steel Stud And Track Roll Forming Machine

Decoiling---Material Guiding---Roll Forming---Servo Flying Cutting---End Product

High Quality Machine / Common Economical Design

1.3Ton Electric Decoiler / 3Ton Manual Decoiler1 unit
2.Main Roll Forming Unit1 unit
3.Servo Flying Cutoff / Hydraulic Cutting Device ( stop to cut)1 unit
4.6m Automatic Stacker / Unpowered Support Table1 unit
5.Electric Control Cabinet1 unit
6.Hydraulic Station1 unit
7.Gear Box Drive System / Chain Drive System1 set
8.Water Lubricating System / Not equipped for common design1 set
9.Machine Protective Cover1 set

Other Light Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

Custom Omega Profile Roll Forming Machine 2.jpg





1. Custom Omega Profile Forming Machine With Power Press And Servo Flying Cutoff----To Canada

2. Twin Row Roll Forming Machine For Roof Batten/Furring Channel----To Malaysia.

3. Steel Top Hat Section Cold Roll Forming Machine----To Bangladesh.

4. Cold Roll Forming Machine For C Channel/Lip Channel----To Botswana.

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