Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Designed to produce 1.5-3.2mm thick Z-shape purlins with 100-160mm width, 100-240mm width, 100-300mm width and 100-400mm width, etc. Main forming power: 18.5kw; forming speed: 12-15m/min; forming stands: 16-18 stands.

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Product Details

Brief Description

Z purlin roll forming machine is widely used in steel construction industry. It is used to produce z-shape purlins used as the steel structure for supporting roof decking and roofing sheet.

According to clients' requirement, our z purlin forming machine can produce 1.5-3.2mm thick purlins with 100-160mm width, 100-240mm width, 80-250mm width, 100-300mm width, and 100-400mm width, etc.

Believe Industry Company have different designs of z purlin machine: manual width adjustable type, automatic width adjustable type, pre-cutting and punching type, post cutting and punching type, chain drive type, gear box drive type, etc.

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z100-300 Purlin Dimensions

Z Purlin Profile 4.jpg

DimensionsMaterial Widthβ

Whole Line Layout Of Z Purlin Machine

Pre-Cutting Layout: decoiling--- leveling--- punching--- cutting--- roll forming--- final product

Post Cutting Layout.jpg

Post Cutting Layout: decoiling--- leveling--- roll forming--- punching--- cutting--- final product

Main Technical Parameters

◆ Material Information

a. Applicable material: cold rolled steel coils, galvanized coils

b. Material thickness: 1.5mm-3.2mm

◆ Technical Specifications

1. Roll forming stations: 16-18 stations

2. Roll forming speed: 12-15m/min

3. Material of shaft: 40Cr

4. Diameter of shafts: 75mm

5. Material of rollers: GCr15, quenching and tempering treatment, chrome plated with 0.05mm thickness

6. Main Power: 18.5KW (for roll forming)

7. Drive: Chain drive (optional: gear box drive)

8. Control System: PLC control system (optional: Panasonic, Omron, Siemens, etc)

9. Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW (for punching and cutting)

10. Punching: according to specific details of punching holes and slots

11. Cutting type: hydraulic cutting, stop to cut (pre-cutting / post cutting according to machine design)

12. Material of cutting blades: Cr12Mov, HRC58-62

13. Drive: Chain drive (optional: gear box drive)

14. Control System: PLC control system (optional: Panasonic, Omron, Siemens, etc)

More Pictures Of Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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