Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Can produce two different profiles of steel roofing sheets in one machine. Trapezoidal Sheet A + Trapezoidal Sheet B; Trapezoidal Sheet + Corrugated Sheet; Corrugated Sheet A + Corrugated Sheet B; Trapezoidal Sheet + Metal Tile; Corrugated Sheet + Metal Tile.

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 What Is Double Layer Roll Forming Machine? 

This machine is mainly used to make metal roofing sheets. Up layer produces one profile, and down layer produces another profile.

Up LayerDown Layer
Double Layer Machine 1Trapezoidal Sheet ATrapezoidal Sheet B
Double Layer Machine 2
Corrugated Sheet ACorrugated Sheet B
Double Layer Machine 3Trapezoidal SheetCorrugated Sheet
Double Layer Machine 4Metal Tile SheetTrapezoidal Sheet
Double Layer Machine 5Metal Tile SheetCorrugated Sheet

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Layout.jpg

*   Work process is the same as a metal roofing sheet roll forming machine or a metal tile roll forming machine.

*   Two layers can not work at the same time. 

 Why Customer Prefer To Double Layer Machine? 

●   Save Cost

Two layers share the same machine base, electric motor, hydraulic station. 

●   Save Floor Area

Commonly, BELI metal sheet roll forming machines are 8-10 meters long. Some of our clients are small factories with limited space. This design of double layer machine solves the trouble of limited factory space and meet clients' requirement on production.

Shared PartsIndividual Parts
Machine BaseFeeding Guide
Roller Stands
Hydraulic StationShafts And Rollers 
Control SystemCutting Device(Cutting Molds)

Double Layer Machine 2.jpg

 Machine Technical Specifications 

Material Information:

1. Coil Material: GI coils, PPGI coils

2. Material Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

3. Material Width: According to specific profile

Technical Specification:

1. Forming Speed: 10-15m/min, 3-8m/min for tile profile

2. Forming Stations: 12-24 stations (according to specific profile)

3. Diameter of Shafts: 76mm

4. Material of Shafts: high quality 45# steel

5. Material of Rollers: Cr40

6. Transmission: chain-sprocket transmission

7. Motor Power: 5.5KW/7.5KW for tile profile

8. Cutting Type: hydraulic cutting, stop-cutting

9. Material of Cutting Blade: Cr12Mov, quenching and tempering HRC60-62

10. Hydraulic Power: 4KW


1. What Profiles Can Be Produced In A Double Layer Machine?

* Roll forming steps difference should be in 3-5 steps. 

2. Can 3 Profiles Be Produces In 1 Machine?

* We do not suggest 3 profiles in 1 machine, such design will add great difficulty in machine maintenance.

3. How Much Can Clients Save?

* Two layers share the same machine base, motor, hydraulic station, etc.

4. Can 2 Profiles Produce At The Same Time?

* Up layer stop working when down layer works; down layer stop working when up layer works.

5. Do you equip pre-cutting device?

* Yes, we equip electric or manual pre-cutting device for easy cutting material less than 0.6mm  thickness.

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