Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

Metal Wall Sheet Roll Former makes wall cladding panels with modern and artistic appearance. Believe Industry Company customize cold roll forming machinery according to clients' requirement.

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Product Details

 Brief Description 

Steel Wall Panel Forming Machine is designed to produce wall cladding sheet, widely used in steel structural buildings such as factory buildings, warehouse and markets, etc. Steel cladding panels laid horizontally or vertically make the buildings look modern and artistic.

 Main Components Of Whole Roll Forming Line 

>   5Ton Decoiler

>   Feeding Guide

>   Roll Forming Unit

>   Cutting Device

>   Finished Product Support Table

>   Electric Control System

>   Hydraulic Station

corrugated sheet roll forming machine layout (2)_副本.jpg

Decoiling--->Material Deviation Rectifying--->Roll Forming--->Cutting--->Desired Wall Panel Sheet

 Competitive Advantages : STRONG  STABLE  SAFE 

99573cd0f0b707f.jpg Machine Is Strong 

1. Machine Base: high quality H beam steel; CNC machining

2. Shafts: solid shaft, material 40Cr, fine machining, hard chrome plated

3. Rollers: CNC machining, quenching and tempering, hard chrome plated

99573cd0f0b707f.jpg Machine Runs Stable

1. Machine Design: professional designing team with 10+ years' experience  +  advanced software Soildworks, Autocad, Copra

2. Bearing: HRB top local brand

3. Electric System: Panasonic/Siemens PLC control system, Omron encoder, Yaskawa Inverter, etc

4. Htdraulic System: Rexrroth, Bode hydraulics, Huade Hydraulics

5. Motor: top local brand/Siemens

99573cd0f0b707f.jpg Safty Is The Most Important

1. Machine Color: main machine body in blue, color yellow painted for warning 

2. Protective Mesh: protect life for human and machine

3. Emergency Botton: press the button in case of an emergency

 Popular Profile For Walling System 

Corrugated sheet, trapezoidal sheet can be used as a beautiful, long lasting exterior facade and feature walling inside. More and more wall panel profiles come out and some have been registered with a particular name, such as TRIMDEK, MINIORB, KLIPLOK, etc. 

wall panel profile 1.2.jpgwall panel profile 2.2.jpg


 Custom Wall Panel Machine BELIEVE INDUSTRY COMPANY Made Before 

Custom Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine.jpg

                       Custom Wall Panel Roll Former--Russia

Mini Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine.jpg     G550 Wall Panel Roll Former--Malaysia

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