Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Used to produce steel door frames according to clients' requirement. Whole line mainly consists of 5Ton hydraulic decoiler, leveller, punching unit, roll forming unit, cutting device, electric and hydraulic system.

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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Brief Description

This roll forming machine is designed for producing steel door frames according to the profiles offered by clients. Material can be roll formed are 0.8mm to 1.6mm thick galvanized steel coils. Coils go through unwinding, levelling, punching, roll forming, cutting and then output the final products.

Controlled by PLC control system, this roll forming line is easy to operate for users. Only to input related punching and cutting data, whole line will start to work and stop when complete.

Whole Line Components

1.5Ton Hydraulic DecoilerHydraulic expanding and electric unwinding
2.Entry Feeding GuideManually rotate the hand-wheel to adjust the feeding width
3.7-Roller Levelling DeviceEnsure good flatness of the sheet before punching
4.Punching UnitUsed to punching bending parts, hinge slots and locking position
5.Roll Forming UnitRoll form the strip sheet into required profile
6.Cutting DeviceCut the formed door frame into desired length
7.Output Support TablesSupport the end product in avoid of falling down
8.Control SystemPLC control system, automatic and easy operation
9.Hydraulic StationOffer power for punching and cutting

Machine base is welded by H beam steel and then processed by CNC gantry milling machine. Cast iron roller stands after milling machining are screwed on the base to form the main machine structure. Whole line works stably and has long life time driven by gear box.

Door Frame Machine Layout

1. Work direction: from left to right

2. Main process: decoling--entry feeding guide--leveling--punching--roll forming--cutting--end product

Samples of Door Frames For Reference

There are 2 ways for roll formed setions to bend as a door frame. Bending part can be punched before roll forming for easy bending. Another design is to cut the section end into 45 degree after roll forming.

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