Garage Door Panel Machine

Main Process Of Garage Door Panel Machine: material decoiling, embossing, pressing patterns, film coating, material feeding and guiding, roll forming, cutting, final products output.

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  Garage Door Panel Roll Forming Machine  

This roll forming line is wholly automatic for producing steel garage door panels. As the door panels need embossing and pressing patterns on, we equip an embossing machine and punching press before roll forming.

>   Fully Automatic

Controlled by PLC control system, machine runs automatically from decoiling, embossing, punching, roll forming, cutting to final garage door panels output.

>   Low Labor Cost

Only 1 worker will be needed to take resposibility for the whole roll forming line.

>   High Productivity

3-5 pieces of garage door panels per minute. Separated design of punching press will not drag the speed of the whole line.

>   Perfect Product Service

We equip a film coating device before roll forming, which will protect the material surface from wearing.

  Whole Line Components And Machine Layout  

 Garage Door Panel Roll Forming Machine 5.2.jpg

Garage Door Panel Roll Forming Machine Layout.jpg


Main Components

5Ton Decoiler     Embossing Machine     Hydraulic Press Unit

Roll Forming Unit     Cutting Device     End Product Support Frame

Electric Control System     Hydraulic System

2.Work Processdecoiling-->embossing-->pressing-->film coating-->roll forming-->cutting

  Main Technical Parameters  

a. Roll forming stations: 27 stations

b. Roll forming speed: 10-15m/min

c. Main motor power: 11kw

d. Material of rollers: high grade No. 45 steel (ASTM1045) with heat treatment and surface chrome plated

e. Material of shafts: 40Cr with heat treatment and chrome plated with 0.05mm thickness

f. Diameter of shafts: 75mm

g. Hydraulic power for press: 11kw

h. Material of cutting blade: Cr12Mov

i. Cutting power: 4kw

  End Product Of Garage Door Panels  

Garage Door Panel End Product 1.jpg

Garage Door Panel End Product 2.jpg

All our machines go through serious test before delivery, and we offer engineer to serve our machine overseas. Contact Us Today for detailed information.

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