PU Rolling Shutter Machine

PU roller shutter door is also known as European roller shutter door. With PU foam filling in, this type of roller shutter door has the advantages of heat insulation and sound insulation, etc. Main process of PU roller shutter door machine is decoiling, roll forming, PU foaming, roll forming and cutting.

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  PU Rolling Shutter Machine  

PU rolling shutter door is one kind of roller shutter door with PU foaming in. Main material used are aluminium or galvanized steel coils with the thickness 0.3mm to 0.6mm. And 77 type PU roller shutter door slat is widely used one with the effective width of 77mm.

PU Roller Shutter Slat Profile Drawing.jpg

77 Type PU Roller Shutter Slat Sample 3.jpg
77 Type PU Foam Roller Shutter Slat

  Components For The Whole Line  

1.3Ton Manual Decoiler---support the coils1 unit
2.Feeding Guide---avoid the material deviation1 unit
3.Roll Forming Machine---form the material into desired profiles1 unit
4.Foaming Machine---fill PU foam in the roller shutter slats1 unit
5.Flying Saw Cutting Device---cut the products into desired length1 unit
6.Support Tables---support the final products1 unit
7.Drive System---gear box transmission1 unit
8.Electric Control System---PLC control system, control whole machine running1 unit

PU Rolling Shutter Machine (1).jpg

Process Of The Production Line: decoiling--->feeding & guiding--->roll forming--->foaming--->cutting--->stacking

  Main Technical Parameters  

>   Material Information

1. Suitable Skin Material: Aluminum Coil, Galvanized Steel Coil

2. Thickness of Skin: 0.26-0.48mm

3. Foam: PU

>   Roll Forming Machine

1. Rolling Stations: 28-38 stations (subjected to final design)

2. Forming Speed: Approx.6-15m/min.

3. Main Power: 7.5KW (subjected to final design)

4. Material of Roller: GCR15 steel with quench treatment.

5. Diameter of Shaft: 50mm

6. Material of Shaft: High quality 45# Steel with tempering treatment HB280

7. Transmission: Gear-box transmission

8. Cutting power: 2kw

9. Material of cutting blade: Cr12 Steel with quenched treatment HRC 60-62

10. Dimension of the Line: Approx. 26000mmX1500mmX1400mm

11. Weight of the Line: Approx. 8T

>   Foaming Machine

1. Type: Low Pressure Blowing Type

2. Foaming Material: PU

3. Power: 5KW

4. Foaming Rate: 10 times in max

5. Output: 120KG/Hour in max

6. Foam Density: 35-40kg/m^3

7. Screw Diameter: 6mm

8. Dimension: Approx. 120x100x170 mm

9. Weight: Approx. 300KG

10. Clearing: by Solvent

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