41X41 Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

Can be used to produce both plain and slotted strut channels with the dimension of 41x41. Material thickness ranges from 1.5mm to maximum 2.5mm. With high speed punch press and servo flying cutoff, whole line speed can reach up to max 20m/min.

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41X41 Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

Brief Description

This roll forming machine can produce standard 41x41 strut sections used as the support frame for solar enegy industry. Material can be roll formed is 1.5mm to 2.5mm thick galvanized steel coils. Work process of the whole line is coil unwinding, material levelling, punching slots as required, entry guiding, roll forming and cutting.

Equipped with high speed punch press and servo flying cutoff, speed of the whole line can reach up to 15m-20m/min for high-volume production.

Main Machine Components

1. 5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler
2. 9-Roll Leveling Device
3. 80Ton High Speed Power Press
4. Roll Forming Unit
5. Flying Cutting Device
6. Final Product Output Support Table
7. PLC Control System
8. Hydraulic Station
9. Gear Box Driven System

Main Machine Technical Parameters

> 5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler

a. Hydraulic expand and loosen the decoiler mandrel; electric unwinding the coils

b. Max Loading Capacity: 5 tons

c. Hydraulic Power For Expanding: 4kw

d. Motor Power For Decoiling: 3kw

> 9-Roll Leveling Device

a. Leveling rolls: 9 rolls for leveling, up 4 rolls, bottom 5 rolls.

b. Motor power for leveling: 5.5kw

> High Speed Power Press

1. Speed: whole line speed 15-20m/min

2. Power press capacity: 80Ton

3. Motor power: 7.5kw

4. This high speed power press should be work with servo feeding device.

5. Servo motor power for feeding: 3kw

> Roll Forming Unit

a. Main Motor Power: 45kw

b. Forming Stations: 20 stations

c. Forming Speed: 15-20m/min

d. Transmission: gear box transmission

e. Control System: PLC control system

f. Shaft Diameter: 80mm

g. Roller Material: GCr15 and Cr12Mov

> Flying Cutting Device

a. Whole line speed: 15-20m/min

b. Cutting blade material: Cr12Mov, HRC58-62

c. Cutting power: 7.5kw

d. Pneumatic system: 0.5m3/min, 0.7Mpa

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