Servo Flying Cutting C Section Channel Roll Forming Machine

Used to produce steel c section structural channels with maximum 2.5mm thick material. Adjust the rollers and spacers for producing c section channels with different dimensions as required. Speed of the whole line is up to 20-30m/min according to clients' requirement of high-volume production.

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Product Details

 Servo Flying Cutting C Section Channel Roll Forming Machine 

Brief Description

This roll forming machine is designed to produce c section structural channels with various dimensions as request. Users need to adjust the rollers and spacers for roll forming each dimension of steel c sections. Whole line speed can reach up to max 30m/min for high productivity. 

Machine Features

>   Can produce steel c sections with different dimensions in one machine

>   Maximum material thickness can be roll formed is up to 2.5mm

>   High productivity with whole line speed up to 30m/min

>   Easy operation with PLC control system

>   Water cooling lubricating system for high quality product surface

>   Servo motor for tracking with exactly high precision

Competitive Advantages

   More than 15 years' experience in cold roll forming machine designing and manufacturing

   Advanced Germany roller design software COPRA assist in machine designing

   Strict quality control on each procedure from raw material selecting, processing, assembling and testing

   Professional after-sale service team, have been to over 50 countries and regions all over the world 

   Our machine have been exported to America, UK, Canada, Australia and win high reputation of our clients

Main Machine Components

 1. 3Ton Hydraulic Decoiler Hydraulic expand and electric unwinding
 2. Material Entry Guide Manually rotate the side hand-wheel to adjust
 3. Pinch Feeding and Levelling Device For good flatness of material before roll forming
 4. Roll Forming Unit Can form c sections with different dimensions
 5. Turkey Straightener For perfect straighteness of final product
 6. Servo Flying Cutoff Non stop cutting for high machine speed
 7. Control System High degree of automation with PLC control system
 8. Hydraulic Station 11kw for cutting 
 9. Water Cooling and Lubricating System Protect material surface reduce material wearing

Layout of Whole Roll Forming Line

Flying Cutoff Roll Forming Machine Layout 1

Working Process: coil unwinding--material entry guiding--levelling--roll forming--straightening--cutting--final product

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