Shelf Panel Roll Forming Machine

This machine for producing shelf panels combines cutting, punching and bending into one production line. More and more manufacturers tend to roll forming machine for high efficiency of production and low labor cost. Controlled by PLC control system, whole production is automatic and users only need to input production data on the touch screen.

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Product Details

  Brief Description  

In the past, shearing machine, puncing machine and bending machine are necessary when producing a piece of shelf panel. First shearing machine cut the coils into pieces of sheets; then punching machine punch slots and holes and at last bending machine bend four sides one by one.

Nowadays, shelf panel roll forming machine combines cutting, punching and bending into one production line. This roll forming machine not only increases the efficiency of production but also greatly reduce the labor cost for users.

>   Fully Automatic

One roll forming line can do punching, bending and cutting, no labor force needed during the process of production.

>   Reduce Labor Cost

Only 1 worker is needed to operate the machine.

>   Easy Operation

Controlled by PLC control system, users only need to input production data on touch screen, then the machine will start working and stops when finish.

>   High Safety Factor

There is no physical contact between users and machine dangerous parts in the process of production. 

  Each Part Of Shelf Panel Machine  



5Ton Manual Decoiler

5Ton Manual Decoiler 2.jpg


Cutting & Bending Device

Cutting And Bending Unit 2.jpg


Leveling Device

7-Roller Leveling Device 2.jpg


Support Tables

Unpowered Output Table 2.jpg


Punching Unit

Hydraulic Punching And Servo Feeder 2.jpg


Electric Control System

Control Cabinet 2.jpg


Roll Forming Stations

Roll Forming Unit 2.jpg


Hydraulic Station

Hydraulic Station 1.jpg

Shelving panel roll forming machine layout 3.jpg

Decoiling--->Leveling--->Punching--->Feeding & Guiding--->Roll Forming--->Cutting & Bending--->Final Product

  End Product For Reference  

Shelf Panel Sample 2.2.jpg  Shelf Panel Sample 1.2.jpg

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