Step Beam Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming stations: 31 stations Roll forming motor power: 22kw Roller Material: Gcr15 bearing Steel Material of shafts: 40Cr Diameter of Shafts: 75mm Motor power: 22kw

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Product Details

Brief Description

This machine is designed to produce step beams, an important part used for warehouse racking system. As usual, there are two ways for step beams jointing, one is spot welding type(argon arc welding) and the other is seamed type. And seamed type step beam may need about 30 forming statoins while spot welded type step beam only need about 18 forming stations.

Seamed Type Step Beams

Main Parts Of Step Beam Roll Former

1.3Ton Decoiler1 unit
2.Feeding Guide1 unit

7-Roll Leveler

a) Up 3 rollers, and down 4 rollers
b) Roller diameter: 90mm

1 unit

Roll Forming Unit

a) Roll forming stations: 31 stations

b) Roll forming motor power: 22kw

c) Roller stands: cast iron stricture

d) Material of rollers: GCr15 bearing steel

e) Material of shafts: high quality 45# steel

f) Diameter of Shafts: 75mm

1 unit

Flying Saw Cutoff

a) Tracking Type: pneumatic tracking

b) Cutting Type: saw cutting

c) Cutting Power: 3kw

1 unit
6.Final Product Support Table2 units
7.Electric Control System1 unit
8.Hydraulic Station1 unit
9.Lubricating System1 unit

Steel Coil Releasing----Material Leveling----Roll Forming----Straightening----Flying Saw Cutting---Final Product

Machine Features

High Quality

H beam steel as the machine bed(machine base) and cast iron roller tool as the side stands make the machine strong.

High Production

Non stop saw cutting with cooling system ensures the smooth cut of the step beam and high speed and productivity.

Low Material Wearing

Equipped with water cooling pipe at every roller stands, reducing wear on material surface.

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