Pallet Racking Roll Forming Machine

Used to produce heavy duty pallet racks according to clients' requirement. This machine is composed of 3Ton automatic decoiler, 7-roll leveling device, servo feeder and punching unit, roll forming unit and flying cutoff. Whole line speed can reach up to 10-12m/min.

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Pallet Racking Roll Forming Machine

This cold roll former is mainly designed to produce heavy duty pallet racks, providing the ideal solution for warehouses. Material of racks are cold rolled steel coils and galvanized steel coils with the material thickness of 1.0mm to 2.5mm.

Separated leveling unit and separated punching unit, this design can stock a certain amount of material for roll forming without reducing whole line speed

Machine base is welded by H beam steel and then goes through CNC processing to ensure the extremely flatness of the assembling surface

Shafts, rollers and roller stands are hardened with quenching and temperingand treatment; surface with hard chrome plated to against wearing and rusting

Pneumatic flying hydraulic cutting device, with this non-stop cutting device, whole line speed can reach up to 10-12m/min.

Main Components And Machine Layout

Main Components

Decoiler---Leveling Device---Punching Unit---Roll Forming Unit---Straightener---Flying Cutoff---Support Table

Working Process

Decoling---Leveling---Punching---Roll Forming---Straightening---Cutting---Final Product

Main Technical Parameters

3Ton Manual/Electric Uncoiler

7-Roll Leveling Device

1. 7-Roller leveling device, up 3 rollers and down 4 rollers

2. Diameter of leveling rollers: 80mm

3. Material of leveling rollers: High grade 40Cr

Punching Machine(Power Press): Capacity 80Tons

Main Roll Forming Mill

1. Coil Material: cold rolled steel coils, galvanized coils

2. Material thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm

3. Roll forming speed: 15m/min

4. Roll forming stations: 18 stations

5. Main Power: 15kw

6. Diameter of shaft: 80mm

7. Material of shaft: 40Cr

8. Material of rollers: GCr15 bearing steel

9. Cutting Power: 5.5kw

10. Material of cutting blade: Cr12Mov HRC58-62

Machine technical parameters depend on the profile drawing and material used. For more machine details, please contact us.

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