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Believe Industry Company Purlin Roll Forming Machine.jpg

Video: Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Purlin Roll Forming Machine is designed to produce C purlins (with the section shape of letter "C") and Z purlins (with the section shape of letter "Z") used as the support frame of steel contructions. As usual, one machine can produce more than one purlin sizes by adjusting the rollers and spacers. Check the machine video to learn more about the purlin machines.

Believe Industry Company Light Steel Sections Roll Forming Machine.jpgVideo: Light Steel Sections Forming Machine

Believe Industry Company is a professional supplier for light steel sections roll forming machines. We manufacture machine for whole series of light steel frames such as c stud channels, drywall stud and tracks, steel roof truss, roof batten and ceiling batten, furring channels, top hat sections etc. You will learn more about how to operate the machine by watching videos.

Believe Industry Company Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine.jpg

Video: Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine can be used to produce trapezoidal roofing sheets, corrugated sheets, wall cladding panels, tile shape roof panels, conceal fixed roofing and standing seam sheets, etc. Roll Forming Machine for popular profiles such as R101 roofing, Trimdeck, IBR sheet and Bemo sheet is available in Believe Industry Company. 

Believe Industry Company Steel Deck Machine.jpgVideo: Steel Roof & Floor Decking Sheet Machine

Believe Industry Company with 20+ years' experience in cold roll forming machine designing and manufacturing. Full series of steel decking sheets roll forming machines such as roof deck machine and steel floor decking machine are supplied. Common decking machine have 26 or more forming stations, while some special profiles may need more than 40 forming steps.

Believe Indystry Company Door Roll Forming Lines.jpgVideo: Metal Door Roll Forming Machine

Full range of steel door roll forming lines are supplied by Believe Industry Company. Find manufacturer for roller shutter door machine, PU roller shutter roll forming machine, steel door frame machine, garage door guide track forming machine, 2" & 3" steel door guide rail machine, garage door panel roll forming machine, mute steel door track roll forming machine. 

Believe Industry Company Racking Roll Forming Machine.jpgVideo: Warehouse Racking Roll Forming Machine

Racks, beams and shelf panels are three important components of warehouse racking system. Believe Industry Company is a professional supplier for upright racking roll forming machine, box beam roll forming machine, step beam roll forming machine and shelf panels roll forming machine. All machines are customized and CE certificated. 

Believe Industry Company Gutter And Downpipe Roll Forming Machine.jpgVideo: Gutter & Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

Gutters working together with downpipes forms the rain drainage system. There are too many types of gutters and downpipes. Believe Industry Company customize gutter machine and downpipe machine according to clients' profiles. Quad Gutter Machine     Half Round Gutter Machine     OG Gutter Machine    Square Downpipe Machine     Round Gutter Machine

Believe Industry Company Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine.jpgVideo: Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

According to the shapes, highway guardrails are devided into 2 wave guardrails and 3 wave guardrails, also known as "w" profile guardrails and thrie-beam highway guardrails. Believe Industry Company not only make machine for one guardrail profile but also make "w" profile and thrie-bam profile changeover roll forming machine. 

Believe Industry Company Customized Roll Forming Machines.jpgVideo: Customized Metal Roll Forming Machine

Believe Industry Company with more than 15 years' in making cold roll forming machine for customized profiles. We have our own professional engineers in machine designing assisted with advanced softwares such as Copra, Solidworks and Autocad. Show us the product profiles or samples, we will quote you with the best machine solutions.